The Ten Commandments of Becoming a Better Husband and Father: The Restoration and Reformation of Patriarchy for the Modern Age (Paperback)

The Ten Commandments of Becoming a Better Husband and Father: The Restoration and Reformation of Patriarchy for the Modern Age By Anton Semple-Dormer (Editor), Julius Semple-Dormer (Contribution by), Anton Semple-Dormer Cover Image
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The role of men has become distorted in this modern age. There are cries from some that we do not need a man or nations should work to end patriarchy. Yet, in subsets of populations where purposeful male leadership is not the norm chaos prevails. Everyone suffers. There must be a better way of having all in society feel empowered and self-fulfilling. That way is to refurbish patriarchy to fit modern society. That can be done through men that call themselves Christians living a life that reflects their God-given roles as first husbands and then as fathers. The Bible is clear that all humans are saved from sin from the acceptance of grace from Jesus Christ. No one can save themselves from sin. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We are all shape in iniquity. Therefore, it is only the belief of the sinless life of Jesus Christ that we can be saved and transformed. How does one know that we are saved and covered by His grace? Jesus gave us the answer. He tells us to serve God with all of our hearts and to do to others as you would want others to do to you. What does it look like to serve God? What does it look like to serve humankind? Jesus tells us, "I you love me keep my commandments." There are only ten commandments. The first four relates to serving God and the last six relates to serving others. This motivational devotional is unique in that is applies the 10 commandments to the role of the man as the husband and as the father. This book of reflections gives you the opportunity to pen your reflection and track your growth to becoming a better father and husband. One may not agree with all of its suppositions, but that is not the point. The point of the book is to encourage Christian men to make a change that is empowering to our wives and children and reverse the many ills that are seen in society due to our lack of leadership. Some women will be offended by this book for it basically states that the well-being of all society rests first and solely on the shoulders of men. Name one war today that are facilitated violently between groups of women. There are none. Therefore, if men stop warring among ourselves in a violent manner how much better that area where the fighting has stop be. The wellbeing of everyone in that vicinity would drastically improve. This is the power that women do not have since that are biologically capable of raging war as a group. Let us take our power to do more good and create safe environments where our women and children can live to their fullest potential.

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