The Theologia Germanica: Modern English Edition (Paperback)

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Discovered, edited and compiled by Martin Luther, and presented to the reader in this modern English translation, The Theologia Germanica is a classic religious treatise dating to the early Renaissance.
Originally, The Theologia Germanica was composed during the bitter conflict between the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor in the 14th century. The acrimony led to the forbidding of Catholic rites on the part of priests; as a result, some discontented clerics authored manuscripts with holy contemplation and ideas. Such writings were illicit, and the Theologia Germanica did not surface for more than a century.
Martin Luther, already a major figure in the ensuing reformation, managed to recover, edit and publish publicly a large part of the Theologia Germanica. Some of the text has been permanently lost, however Luther's efforts at recovering the fragments led a mostly complete version to appear in 1518.
The contents discuss the importance of spiritual living, following and imitating the life of Christ, and thereby attaining perfection and sublime nearness to God. Ultimately God's will can replace human will, so long as selfishness is banished from the soul. For his part, Martin Luther found the text praiseworthy and pure, and commended it.
Although such ideas and expressions appear uncontroversial today, their support among the Protestant movement led to recrimination. It was formally banned by the Catholic church in the early 17th century, and possession of it could be punished severely.
This translation of the Theologia Germanica dates to the late 19th century; Susanna Winkworth's version draws on her translating skills and familiarity with theological texts, and remains favored by English readers and religious scholars.

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