June 24th Psychic Circle

Kristen White is a Soul Coach and uses her skill as a Divine Channel to answer your questions specifically. This group format offers individual mini-readings at group level.

What to expect during the event:

  • Bring a question/s to ask Spirit. We allow each person about 10 minutes.
  • No question/topic is off-limits 
  • When asking your question, keep the backstory brief to allow time for Spirit's explanation. If Spirit has questions you will be asked for more details to help clarify.
  • Nothing will "extra" will be shared without your expressed permission at the beginning.
  • Your energy will be accessed at this particular moment. This is not fortune-telling and a future prediction. Human beings have free will and at any time energy may shift and outcomes may change.
  • Spirit will answer questions about yourself, your pets, other people in your life, past lives, or medical questions. However, never substitute this for a medical opinion. 

You are welcome to record your personal reading in the circle. (Dress layered as we will be in a covered patio space.) You can find more information about Kristen on her website, www.livingfullwellness.com.

Psychic Circle format has shifted to accommodate to the growing needs of our audience! Here's what's new:
-  Space limit has expanded from 5 to 12 - In the case that we have more than 5 attending, we will pull 5 questions from a bowl. Questions will be drawn at random and there will be five questions pulled for each Psychic Circle event. Know that even if you are not receiving a personal answer to your question that you are being called to the circle for a reason, and that answers to your questions may lie in answers that others receive. Spirit has called you to the circle to gain insight and knowledge into your own life in a group setting. 

Event date: 

Saturday, June 24, 2023 - 9:00am to 10:00am

Event address: 

Between 5th & 6th Dolores Street
PO Box 1944
Carmel, CA 93921