Murder Takes the Stage


Gualtieri, Kathryn


Carmel Pine Cone reporter Nora Finnegan wants to succeed as a single woman in an atypical job in 1922.  Eager to fit into her new community, she, along with a group of her fellow residents, takes part in a mid-summer play production at Carmel-By-The-Sea’s outdoor Forest Theater.  One evening, during rehearsal, a cast member is unexpectedly harmed on stage.  A murder follows.  Was someone driven to violence to achieve a selfish end? Having witnessed the breaking news story, Nora faces several dilemmas. As a journalist, she vows to be objective, but she will have to reveal the inherent rivalries within the theatrical community.  Can Nora pursue the murder story discreetly, yet apply her investigative skills to help identify a ruthless killer and maintain her struggle for independence?


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Tin Lantern

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Second in the Nora Finnegan series.